Jayne Janes - Second Trombone


Jayne Janes

I began my musical life age 12 when I as encouraged to try out for French Horn when I started senior school. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask) there weren't any French Horns left by the time I got there, only trombones left said the brass teacher and when I saw the size of the case I understood why !! 


37 years later and here I am just starting out with the band after a 3 year break from full time banding,  having only helped out on the odd gig or open band rehearsal at Cannock Salvation Army Band.


I am thoroughly enjoying playing with the band and am glad to report getting my lip back in !!!


The folks in the band have given myself and my husband a warm welcome and I'm really looking forward to continuing for hopefully a long time to come.