Lauren Gifford - Flugel

Lauren started learning to play the Trombone at school at the age of 10 and soon became a member of the area and school brass-band. She continued through high school and then started playing Tenor Horn at the age of 14.
A while later, Lauren took a break from playing, but gladly returned when she was asked to join Phoenix West Midlands Brass Band in 2004, where she played until she went to university in 2006.
While studying at University, Lauren played with the Lancaster University Brass Band and Blackpool Brass on Solo Tenor Horn.
After moving back home, Lauren played with Enderby Band on solo for a short while but it was a long way to travel while she completed her PGCE qualification so, in 2012 Lauren joined Staffordshire Band, which was closer to home.
In 2017, Lauren moved to Amington Band where she is enjoying her latest challenge on Flugelhorn.