Marie Turner - Solo Horn

Marie Turner

My music interest began when I was taken to sing in the church choir, and then I learned to play the organ to grade 8 equivalent.

I began my brass playing on a tenor horn at around the age of 13. I was taken by my brass teacher to the then called Aldridge and Brownhills brass band which then became Walsall metropolitan and is now the Staffordshire band, and my contesting life began. We quickly moved up the ranks but I moved to Amington in early 1980 so played there for a few years. After another move I played cornet with Newhall band and I then played 1st horn at Wolverhampton band in the late 1980s, contesting with them both.

I then had a long break from banding and sang instead but missed playing.

After seeing Newport town band in concert in around 2009 I was offered a horn to play there and took up playing again. I worked my way up quickly to become their solo horn and my daughter swapped her trumpet for a cornet and joined too. At the same time I joined city of Wolverhampton  band and moved up to solo horn. After we left Newport we both then played with Rugeley power station brass band and again I had the solo horn seat.

I was recently in a position to be able to return to contesting and Amington, so have been happy to take up the challenge and enjoyment of playing in the contesting environment again and so far I am loving it.

I have met some wonderful people in my banding life and looking meeting more. My sister, daughter and niece all play brass and my son drums. My eldest daughter is a music teacher and plays many instruments and I the family tradition continues.