Terri Yates - Principal Cornet


Terri 2

 Hi, I’m Terri and currently the Principal Cornet player at Amington! I’ve been performing in brass bands since I was 9 and have followed in the footsteps of my grandad-Terry Yates. I always remember being tiny and watching my grandad perform always waiting for my “two front teeth” to come in so that I could start to play! I reminisce the day my Grandad came home with a battered instrument that half resembled a cornet and I fell in love instantly, my parents on the other hand…not so much. I started with music lessons offered by my Primary school which I continued into High School. At 15 I auditioned for the gifted and talented programme and won myself a scholarship which entitled me to tuition with Frank Wadkin until I left sixthform. This was around the time I took the Principal Cornet seat at Rugeley Power Station Brass band and I have performed with them a total of 17 years. Music is a massive part of my life and my passion, I spend most evenings rehearsing and if I’m not at Band practice I’m at home keeping the neighbours entertained haha. 2 years ago I received a text message from Bob Godfrey asking me to help in an upcoming concert and I haven’t looked back since, Amington has opened up a whole new world of brass banding for me and I took part in my first ever contest. I started on the front row as fourth man down and moved after 12 months to bumper up playing alongside Brian Morris the bands current Principal. Now I’m on my next adventure…Flugel…and so far I’ve loved every bar! I’m looking forward to my first contest in my new seat and working with the rest of the band to push us in the right direction. Amington are a great bunch of like-minded people who enjoy the hard work just as much as the laughs in the Bandroom.