Tracy Barnett - Second Baritone

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Although I had some musical experience having played French Horn whilst at school, I did not become involved with a Brass Band until being encouraged to “have a go” with the Band my husband, Tony, played with at Rugeley a few years ago. With a certain amount of trepidation I agreed and started to learn how to play a cornet.


Each week, with the support and encouragement of fellow band members, my playing improved and my confidence grew. I discovered that I had a preference for playing the Baritone and happily settled onto the 2nd Baritone seat at Rugeley and occasionally get to play on the 1st seat.


In early 2015, I joined Amington Brass Band as a 2nd Baritone player and ventured into the world of contesting. I am what you might call an “enthusiastic amateur” and did think that I would feel out of my depth. However I need not have worried as I have found the same encouragement and support from the many accomplished players at Amington.


With a new conductor, Malcolm Read, at the helm I am looking forward to the new challenges and highly recommend anybody thinking….”could I do that?” To “have a go” you may just surprise yourself.