Mrs. Prue Cross - Vice President

Prue1Mrs. Prue Cross is the Vice-President of Amington Band.  She has long been connected with the band, through her husband, long standing Bandsman and Chairman Mr. Roly Cross.

Here Prue tells us about Roly and their life together in music, and how they became part of the organisation..... 

Roly started to learn with Roland Davis at the age of 11 years, and if anyone made a mistake, Roland's remark was always "frying piecans" I first met Roly when he came into the Lamb Inn pub after Band practice on a Sunday morning. Or after a Band job, he came in, in his Uniform. In those days the Band went to jobs by coach, as not many people had cars in 1954. I was allowed to go with them, as other families would be there. After two years, Roly and I got married, and I went everywhere the Band went. I tried to play a tenor horn, but didn't try hard enough. Now I wish I was a player.

Roly joined a Military Band in 1958, and had a wonderful career where we travelled to so many countries. The Lamb Inn was always our base to stay when on leave, as my parents owned it. Every time we were in Tamworth, it was always Sunday morning Band practice, and a pint afterwards. The Band used to have a Ladies Committee, and every year they would get together to do a sit down meal for the Band members and their families. I have found an old photo from one year, around 1966. Over the years Roly always supported Amington Band whenever he could, then in 1995 we returned to Tamworth and he was able to commit to the Band full time.

In 1997 he started a Junior Band at Florendine School, the pupils being 9years old, who then moved to the Band room to practice when they left that school. He gave the juniors one to one practice at first, then joined together to form a Band. They were called "Roly's Babies" as they were so young. Band practices were now on a Monday and Wednesday, and they used to have a tea break, which I used to do for them both days.

I also went around collecting for the monthly draw which was called the 200 club from people who supported it. I delivered the money to any winners the following week. I also supported the Band when they were out playing carols, by holding a tin for those who wanted to donate.

After the loss of Roly I didn't do as much for the Band, it was hard hearing a Euphonium player, but I still collected from friends and family for the monthly draw. Roly was involved with the Band one way or another for 61 years. And I have been for 60 years. So it has been an honour for me to be asked would I accept the position of Vice-President a few months ago, which I accepted, and I will continue to support Amington Band in every way I can. 

Mrs. Prue Cross

16th June 2014