Becci Shelley - First Cornet


My first experience of playing in a brass band was when I was 4. Playing alongside my mom at Rugeley Power Station Brass Band, I mastered playing the tiny plastic trumpet and who knew it would become such a significant part of my life?!

Music is important to my whole family, with several brass players and a music teacher it was only right that I continue the family tradition! I started learning to play the ‘real’ trumpet at Age 8 at school, taking part in the school band and county music school. I continued this through high school where I progressed to play as the soloist for the school swing band for 3 years where we toured Germany twice. I also performed in the concert band, school choir and in the production of the Sweeney Todd musical. During my spare time out of school I took several grades on keyboard, joined the local community band and played in a local marching band for 1 year.

My first experience in playing the cornet (and playing in a brass band) was when my mom took me along to Newport Town Band in 2009. That’s when I became engulfed in the brass band world. In 2011, I joined The City of Wolverhampton Brass Band and have worked my way from 2nd cornet to my current seat; 2nd (wo)man down.

I decided in 2011 that I would return to my roots and take back my tiny plastic trumpet seat at Rugeley Power Station Brass Band, where I took the Repiano seat.

I experienced my first contest with Amington band this year when I joined the band in February. I am looking forward to taking part in many more contests and several more years with the band.