Elaine Clay - First Baritone

Elaine C

After starting my musical life as a Woodwind player I was quickly convinced that playing a Brass instrument was the right path to take.. Age 12yrs I was accepted into Staffordshire County Brass Band playing Eb Bass also playing in school ensembles and Burton Music Centre Brass Band.  On completing my education my work and then married life took over and my playing was put on hold until my eldest son showed an interest giving me the push I needed to get back to playing.  I joined the now disbanded Ind Coope Brewery Band on Baritone and I also played Baritone for Uttoxeter Brass Band for a number of years.  In 2007 I joined Amington Brass Band in the first instance on Baritone, I then moved onto 2nd Horn and then 1st Horn, landing recently back on Baritone.  Amington Brass Band has given me the opportunity to pursue my hobby with a friendly group of like minded people whilst pushing me to improve and succeed on the contest stage.