Nathan Owers - First Baritone

Nathan Owers

I'm Nathan and I have been playing brass since i was 7 years of age and I love it and can't imagine my life without it! . I learnt how to play in the salvation army where I then joined the young people's band and then later on the senior band. I started on cornet, could play without blowing out my cheeks and was swapped onto Tenor Horn, which I did alright at and got my grade. Then in my teens was given a battered old Euphonium to have a go at. I got on with that and then once I moved into the senior band, I played Baritone up until I left the band and the sally army. I am still part of the West Midland Youth Band of the "Sally" Army and sit on the Euphonium bench. I left the sally army band in 2013-ish and after that I joined Rugeley Power Station Brass Band so I could play in a band with my Dad. I went onto Euphonium but I soon moved to Principle Trombone and I have recently moved again, onto Solo Horn. I joined Amington in 2015-ish and took part in my first ever contest with Amington on 2nd Trombone. I found out I enjoy contesting - I enjoy the band and how friendly they are and have loved every minute of being in the band.